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Armed only with their Dignity

Photo of Gay McDougall

Gay J. McDougall

Gay J. McDougall is Chair of MRG’s International Council and is currently the Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the Fordham Law School Leitner Center for International Law and Justice. She served as the first UN Independent Expert on Minority Issues from 2005 through 2011. Here she tells us of the struggle and courage of a group of Afro-Colombian she met on a recent trip to the country. Continue reading

Europe: Minorities are protected, but by whom?

alexAlexandra Veloy, MRG’s Fundraising Intern, muses on the shifting patterns of minority rights protection in Europe.

On 3rd September, an event entitled ‘Citizenship, Minority Rights and Justice’ took place at the University of Sussex. The event was part of a series of workshops organised by the Sussex European Institute, New Europeans and the Sussex Centre for Responsibilities, Rights and the Law, to discuss current issues affecting minorities in Europe. Continue reading

“The Endorois decision” – Four years on, the Endorois still await action by the Government of Kenya

RebeccaRebecca Marlin is currently the Legal Fellow at Minority Rights Group International (MRG) in London. She earned her B.A. from Wellesley College and her J.D. from Fordham University School of Law. During her time at MRG she will be working extensively with the Endorois to achieve implementation of the 2010 African Commission decision granting them rights to Lake Bogoria. Continue reading

‘Get out there and get it’ – Women and Leadership in Kenya

giuliaGiulia Di Mattia, Programme Officer at Minority Rights Group International, interviewed Jennipher Atieno, the new Minister for Education, Youth, Culture and Social Services for Kisumu County in Kenya, who has dedicated her life to empowering marginalised women.

Jennipher Atieno has worked for the protection of the rights of marginalised women in Kenya for over 20 years. Continue reading

Ethiopia’s ‘Master Plan’ – good for development, damaging for minorities


Writing from our Africa Office in Kampala, MRG intern Biraanu Gammachu sheds light on the Ethiopian government’s unpopular national development project. 

Ethiopia paints two remarkable but contrasting images before the global eye. On one side we see an independent state, a cradle for human civilization. On the other, we see a state struggling to shrug off poverty, that disgraceful consequence of underdevelopment, poor governance and conflict. Continue reading

Is integration “impossible” for Roma in France?


As the 17-year-old Roma youth known only as Darius recovers from a vicious gang assault that shined a spotlight on France’s forced eviction policy last month, Isabelle Younane, MRG’s Communications Intern,  spoke with Roma rights activists, a Romanian MEP and the Vice President of the nation’s far-left party Front National, to get to the heart of the debate. Continue reading

Sexual violence a ‘normal thing’ in many countries at war

alexAlexandra Veloy, MRG’s Fundraising Intern, shares her experiences from the first Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict

Two weeks ago, the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict took place at the ExCel Centre in London. A summit that offered many options to learn about sexual violence issues around the globe: exhibitions, theatre and dancing performances, films screening, mock trials, and fringe events, with speakers from the leading NGOs, survivors of sexual violence and judges of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, amongst others. Continue reading